Religious Education


Our Religious Education promotes spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It is a study and exploration of religion and beliefs that have shaped and continue to shape our world. It encourages pupils to express and articulate clearly and coherently their personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences whilst respecting the beliefs and views of others.  


Our Religious Education provokes challenging questions about meaning and purpose in life, the influence of beliefs and what it means to be human. Our pupils learn to discover, explore and consider different answers to these questions through knowledge and understanding of key concepts and ideas, including a range of beliefs and practices, enabling them to develop their own ideas, values and identities. 


Our Religious Education includes the study of the Bible and other sacred texts, stories, artefacts, lived experiences, art and music. It is an exploration of the influence of religions and beliefs on individuals, cultures and communities. This is achieved by expressing knowledge and understanding using creativity, dialogue and reflection to explore and understand feelings, values and the wider world. We support pupils in developing their own sense of identity and belonging, enabling them to flourish as engaged, respectful citizens in a diverse world.  

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