At New Monument, we use Power Maths as a basis of our maths lesson. This is an exciting class mastery approach, which has been recommended by the DfE, that works for every child. It is based upon the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. This enables children to make rich connections across ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and the ability to solve increasingly sophisticated problems.


We provide children with the freedom and confidence to explore their own ideas and methods in the safety of a supportive learning environment. The Power Maths programme promotes five child friendly characters, each with their own positive skill set, to inspire and motivate children.


We embed fluency and accuracy in arithmetic to equip children for mental calculations in the real world. New Monument children will be able to transfer and apply their mathematical knowledge to other subject areas and real life contexts, preparing them for the real world.

Progression Map Place Value

Progression Map Addition ands Sbtraction

Progression Map Multiplication and Division

Progression Map Fractions

Progression Map Ratio and Proportion

Progression Map Algebra

Progression Map Measurement

Progression Map Geometry Properties of Shapes

Progression Map Geometry Posistion Direction And Movement



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