Moving Ahead Together

In 2013 the Broadmere and New Monument Multi Academy Trust was established.  Previously, the two member schools, Broadmere Community Primary and New Monument Primary were federated, therefore, becoming a converter Multi Academy Trust was the natural next step in their partnership.  This exciting venture has enabled both schools to develop their leaders and learning.

We firmly believe in taking a holistic approach towards the needs of our pupils and to this end we provide a dynamic curriculum along with inclusive classrooms where every child is valued.  By focussing on a ‘Value of the Month’ we are striving to help our children to learn the importance of having healthy relationships with others and how to develop them appropriately. 

Learning is the key to future success and our teachers take a personal interest in the progress and attainment of every child, seeking to engage our learners and challenging them to do their very best.  We support our families through means of an ‘open door’ policy and a Home School Link Worker, encouraging our families to speak to us as soon as they have a concern. 

We have recently begun working with The Raleigh School in order to rapidly raise standards of achievement – this exciting partnership will lead to further staff development and improved outcomes for our pupils.  We are committed to learning and developing staff expertise as well as the learning of our pupils – we are aiming to further develop the leadership skills of staff and our pupils in the coming months.

Moving Ahead Together, we aim to prepare our children for their next steps in their lifelong learning journeys…resilient and determined to achieve their best.

Judy Hall