Sports Premium

 Sports Premium Funding at New Monument
At New Monument School we believe that Physical Education and sport play vital roles in the physical, social, emotional and academic development of children, providing pupils with the tools they need to make a positive impact on their own health and well being.
We aim to use the Physical Education curriculum to build on the pupils' strengths and to introduce them to new and exciting sporting opportunities.
The Primary 'Sport Premium' funding is a government initiative that has been designed to help schools to develop PE and sports in a variety of ways.
We have allocated our Sports Premium funding to initiatives that aim to progress towards:
  • Increased opportunities to take part in competitive sport.
  • Improved quality of teaching and learning in Physical Education.
  • Developing leadership capabilities in young people.
  • Improved opportunities for physical development during play and lunch time.

Sports Premium 2018-19

Funding expected:  £17 840

Key indicator/objective

Overall aim




Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of teachers and teaching assistants delivering the PE curriculum, indoors and outdoors.

All children participate and achieve according to ability.

Staff meeting time to disseminate training.


Kwik Cricket coaching


TAs to teach alongside Sports Coaches during PE lessons.




No cost



Behaviour for learning is good.

TAs have gained valuable skills, able to cover PE lessons if necessary.

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities on offer.

Support staff lead physical activities during break/lunch times with confidence.

Purchase/provide equipment for lunchtime games.


WFC to lead lunchtime sessions with the support of lunchtime learning leaders.






Purposeful lunchtime experiences for the children.

Increased participation in competitive sport

Improved mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of our pupils.


Increased numbers of children have the opportunity to participate in competitive sports events, gaining experience in team work and developing resilience.


Children previously less active are inspired to participate, increasing the number of children represent the school and develop a sense of pride in doing so.

Provision of transport to and from sporting events.

Drivers tested for competency.

Additional staff support away events.

Participation in inter-school fixtures against:

Broadmere Primary

Purchase cups, medals, certificates to acknowledge achievements and participation.

Lunch time activity club for ‘less active’ children.

Sports Kit for fixtures.
















£25 resources



Ongoing away events during the year ensured increased self esteem and enjoyment of sport by children.

Introduction of the Schools Swimming Charter initiative.

Children leave KS2 able to swim 25m.

KS2 pupils work through the charter, achieving key milestones.

Top up swimming lessons for Year 6 children not yet able to swim 25m.

£1 000 pool hire

The Charter provides a clear record of pupils’ abilities. Catch up lessons for those less confident in the water.

All pupils engage in regular physical activity.

Formulate a 3 year plan for health and wellbeing.

PE lead to set up Physifun Club

Teacher/TA to attend Physifun training.

£100 per 10 children.

Our pupils enjoy participating in physical activities.