September Value

1st September 2019

As part of our ‘Values Education’ at New Monument, and one of our British Values, our value for September is

Respect is:

  •          listening without interrupting.
  •          taking the feelings of others into consideration.
  •          keeping an open mind.
  •           agreeing to disagree.
  •          being honest with both yourself and others.
  •          trusting others.
  •           having patience.
  •           having friends and being friendly.
  •          trying to understand that the needs of others may be different to ours.
  •          trying to understand the viewpoints of others.


During our learning on ‘Respect’ the children will:

  •          listen to stories where characters are showing respect or disrespect and consider the reasons why.
  •           think about times when they or others have been respectful or disrespectful.
  •          talk about the positive effect that showing respect has on others.
  •          think about what the world would be like if people were not respectful.
  •           suggest how to help themselves and others to be respectful.


We aim to build respect by:

  •          recognising and celebrating the achievements and successes of everyone.
  •          fostering an attitude that nurtures a community of mutual respect.
  •          considering how to build effective relationships in a positive environment.
  •          promoting tolerance and acceptance of the differences of others in society.