Owls Nursery - Home Learning

4th May 2018

Dear Parents / Carers,

We have put together a list of possible home learning activities you can do with your child. Lots of you have been asking for ideas and examples of ‘wow’ learning that can be done at home. It is so wonderful for children to be able to share these moments with their peers, please remember to take photos and email them to us. Below are examples of activities and skills your children may learn at home.

These ideas include; your child being able to:

  • Brush her/his teeth independently

  • Put on her/his own socks/shoes

  • Dress and undress her/himself

  • Engage in a story and talk about it afterwards

  • Make up his/her own story by using the pictures in a story book

  • Retell a story using actions/pictures

  • Use puppets to tell a story

  • Ride a bike using the pedals

  • Throw and catch a ball

  • Use a mobile phone to take a photo

  • Use an iPad / tablet to interact with an age appropriate programme

  • Count objects around the home

  • Recognise numbers in the environment

  • Talk about shapes around the home and in the environment

  • Help you with planting and gardening - talking about the ways in which we can look after plants.

  • Talking about the weather and season change – what happens in spring?

  • Tracing over the letters from their name / writing name independently
  •  Draw pictures of their experiences and talking about their pictures
  • Share and take turns with siblings / friends

  • Help with cooking activities – helping to measure and mix ingredients

  • Help to cut up fruit (Using a child friendly knife)

  • Use recycling materials to make a model and talk about it

  • Play a simple board game

  • Put together a floor puzzle

  • Use a knife and fork to eat

  • Use scissors to cut out pictures from a catalogue


These are just some ideas of what you can do at home, if you have any questions, please come and ask the nursery team.

Thank you,

Miss F Aslam, Nursery Teacher