Our Vision

Thrive, Aspire and Achieve

Leadership & Management

 We are uncompromising in our ambition for every member of the school community.

 We develop and maintain the nature and quality of pupils’ learning experiences.

Personal Development

All staff will be role models for our school community by upholding and demonstrating our key values consistently.

We will prepare our children to make a positive impact in a rapidly challenging world.

Behaviour & Attitudes

 We empower our children to become resilient, motivated learners.

 We will have high expectations for our children’s behaviour.

Quality of Education

We provide a relevant, inspiring and balanced curriculum.


 We deliver high quality learning experience, differentiated to the needs of individual pupils.


 Teaching staff will feel confident to deliver high quality lessons which challenge, engage and require deep thinking.


 Children are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to transition to their next stage in learning. Each child will be supported to thrive, aspire and achieve their potential.