Our Values

Broadmere and New Monument Multi Academy Trust has embraced Values based Education.  The schools actively promote the fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
Our Value for November is RESILIENCE

At New Monument Primary School we never give up, even when we are faced with a challenge. We reflect on our mistakes, seek and listen to advice and use the experience in a positive way to do even better next time.

 Resilience means we:

  • are able to forgive and accept

  • use positive self talk

  • are adaptable to change

  • find solutions

  • focus on the positive


People who show resilience:

  • bounce back from disappointment.
  •  carry on against the odds
  • put on a brave face.


People who show resilience realise:

  • you should focus on the future.
  • having a positive attitude helps you to succeed.
  • not giving up helps you to feel proud of your achievements and yourself.

 People show resilience by:

  • believing in themselves.
  • having a positive attitude.
  • bouncing back from disappointment


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