Our Values

Broadmere and New Monument Multi Academy Trust has embraced Values based Education.  The schools actively promote the fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
Our Value for September is RESPONSIBILITY

Our Value for September is RESPONSIBILITY

  • The ability to make and act upon appropriate and sensible decisions
  •  To recognise the consequences of one’s actions
  •  To take care of oneself and one’s property

In school our pupils are often given responsibilities to do which they are encouraged to see through and do to the best of their ability. We will consider the importance of looking after ourselves and our possessions. We will stress the need to take responsibility for the way we behave and encourage our pupils to make the right choices. Responsibility in a global sense will be discussed and consideration given to how we as a school could make the world a better place. We will be discussing our planet and how we should be responsible for reducing waste and recycling.

Thought for the month:

 At home during this month you may like to assign your children small jobs which they are responsible for completing - for example keeping a tidy bedroom or setting the table. They could also be responsible for making sure they have everything they need for school each day. All that is needed is praise for a job well done!

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