Our Values

Broadmere and New Monument Multi Academy Trust has embraced Values based Education.  The schools actively promote the fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
Our Value for January is UNITY

This month we are focusing on understanding the importance of Unity.

  • Collective strength and harmony
  •  Many parts making a whole

At school we will approach the value of unity through situations familiar to our pupils. Our focus will include being a member of a sports team or learning together collaboratively. Our key message will be that actions and initiatives involving a number of committed people are more likely to result in a successful outcome than things which are approached individually.

Emphasis will be placed on the school as a unit and the importance of everyone, pupils, staff, parents and governors, working together in unity and harmony to ensure success.

Pupils will earn what unity is and how this value can shape their lives.

  • Unity is harmony within and among individuals and within and between groups and communities.

  • Unity continues by accepting and appreciating each person and his or her contribution.

  • Unity is built from a shared goal, hope or vision.

  • Unity can make big tasks seem easier. The greatness of unity is that everyone is respected.

  • Unity creates the experience of cooperation, increases enthusiasm for the task and makes the atmosphere empowering.

Unity creates a sense of belonging and increases wellbeing for all.


Thought for the month:


 At home take on a simple project as a family and work together until it is completed - for example plan and prepare a meal where each person has a part to play and you can then all enjoy the fruits of your labours!

Whatever you decide to do enjoy the togetherness and the results!



 “I can do things you cannot.

You can do things I cannot.

Together we can do great things.”

Mother Theresa



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