Multi Academy Trust Governing Body

Inspiring Achievers

The Governing Body comprises parents, staff and members of the local community who are committed to supporting Broadmere and New Monument schools. The work undertaken by the governors is extensive and gratifying as the children in both schools are eager to achieve, polite and friendly.

Governors take their roles and responsibilities seriously, regularly undertaking training in order to ensure the academy trust is meeting statutory requirements and striving to inspire the young achievers in each school. Regular visits to the schools are undertaken by governors to monitor progress against each school’s Action Plan. Following each visit a Visit Report form is completed and forwarded to the Principal. This practice enables Governors to support and challenge the leadership team.  Governors take part in monitoring activities alongside school leaders to ensure good teaching and learning is in place, along with a strong focus on developing the children’s values as we are committed to a holistic approach to education. We review key policies, ensure compliance with health & safety requirements and safeguarding requirements as well as monitor the professional development and performance of staff. All governors have signed and agreed to adhere to a Code of Conduct set out by the National Governors Association.The Governing Body subscribes to The Nolan Principles - see The Seven Principles of Public Life.

All governors have signed their Declaration of Interest Form for 2015-16. Every Governor has read Part 2 of Keeping Children Safe in Education.

They have agreed to adopt the following statements:

Professional Negligence Statement

Advice given by governors at this school is incidental to their professional expertise and is not being given in their professional capacity.

Confidentiality Statement

Governors will respect the confidence of those items of business which a governing body decides and not disclose what individual governors have said or how they have voted within a meeting.