Our aim is for all children to be confident mathematicians, who are able to discuss their learning and explore concepts. We feel strongly that all children should be supported and challenged appropriately to ensure they are able to meet their full potential.

At New Monument we have adopted the mastery approach to the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Our curriculum is designed to ensure children develop good fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills throughout the school. Children of all ages are encouraged to use concrete materials to scaffold and represent their learning. Higher order questioning is used, by adults and children, to deepen learning.



Maths in EYFS
Opportunities for children in our EYFS classes to explore mathematical concepts are readily available at all times. Children take part in a range of activities in our settings both inside and outside of their classrooms. All children are provided with a variety of whole class, small group and individual learning experiences. 
We use high-quality, practical resources to engage children and to deepen their understanding. Where possible, the learning in maths is linked to other areas of the curriculum, we believe this encourages and enables children to use their skills with greater confidence and independence. 

Maths lessons in KS1 & KS2 


In KS1 & KS2 we use Power Maths. This is an exciting scheme of work, which has been recommended by the DfE. It is based upon the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach and follows a linear - mastery - curriculum. This means that children in all year groups will be using practical equipment, drawings and formal methods to secure their knowledge and understanding. 

Each lesson includes opportunities for children to discover, share, collaborate, practice and reflect. Children are encouraged to solve problems each day, using what they have learnt. The lessons are designed with a 'small step' approach, this enables children to secure a skill before moving on. 

A key principle on the scheme is the belief that all children can achieve and be successful mathematicians. There are five characters that are integrated within the scheme to promote a growth mindset. These characters, and their individual qualities, will be referred to in many lessons. 

Power Maths Characters: